Al Awiya Maternity Hospital
Baghdad, Iraq
The Al Awiya Maternity Hospital, commissioned by the Ministry of Health, was designed to accommodate 150 inpatients, in six different wards and provide housing for women's doctors and nurses. The hospital design included six delivery rooms and one operating theater, in addition to facilities for out-patient services, X-ray services, a pharmacy, and stores. The design also incorporated a kitchen, laundry facilities, areas for maintenance services and a garage.

Hisham Munir & Assoc. "Maternity Hospital." In Hisham Munir & Assoc. Baghdad-Iraq. Project portfolio, Hisham Munir & Assoc., Printed by Remzi Est, Baghdad, [undated, ca. 1960s.]
Baghdad, Iraq
Associated Names
1963-1965/1380-1389 AH
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