Pont Sidi Rached
Constantine, Algeria
Rising to a height of 102 m  over the Rhummel River, the bridge overlooks the Zawiya of Sidi Rached.  It is composed of 27 arches, the largest of which has a 70 m. span. The bridge is constantly challenged by the stability of the slopes.Efforts to address the problem have involved addressing drainage issues causing erosion, and anchoring the abutments, and even relating parts of the arcade with steel girders. While these were moderately successful, the bridge was severely damages in a 2008 landslide. Current efforts to stabilize the bridge are described in the article "Rescuing the Sidi Rached Bridge" by Marco Petrangeli and Massimo Pietrantoni.
Constantine, Algeria
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Pont de Sidi Rached
Sidi Rached Bridge
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