Tanger-Med Port
TangerMed, Morocco
Located on the Mediterranean Coast approximately 40 km east of Tangier.  Tanger-Med1, the first freight terminals of this massive shipping and commercial complex opened in 2007. Passenger routes began operating in 2010.  Expansion is underway.  

Upon completion, the complex will consist of: 
  • The Tangier Med 1,  port includes two container terminals, a railway terminal, hydrocarbons terminal, goods terminal, and vehicle terminal;
  • The port Tangier Med 2,  includes two container terminals;
  • The Tangier Med Passengers Port, includes the access zones and border inspections, the 8 berths of boarding passengers and trucks, regulationszones, and the ferry terminal
  • Logistics Free Zone MEDHUB;  includes actual 50 hectares of land surface vas well as last generation warehouses and offices for rent.
  • The Tangier Med Port Center – TMPC –. This is a 30.000 m² of offices, banks, food court, multi service spaces. All connected to the train, bus and maritime station. 

"Tanger Med Port Authority – Port Complex." Tanger Med Port Authority – Port Complex. Accessed October 27, 2016. http://www.tmpa.ma/en/autorite-portuaire/complexe-portuaire/.
TangerMed, Morocco
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2007/1428 AH
Variant Names
ميناء طنجة المتوسط
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