Mathaf Halab al-Watani
Aleppo, Syria

The National Museum in Aleppo is a primary repository for artifacts from Aleppo and its surrounding Province. The collection, which ranges from Ancient Near Eastern to Modern, was originally housed in a historic Ottoman residence known as Bayt al-Ajiqbash within the old city of Aleppo from 1931-1967, as the collection had outgrown the building and a modern facility was needed. The current building, situated in a park to the west of Bab al-Faraj, was designed by Croatian architects Vjenceslav Richter and Zdravko Bregovac. It consists of a large square, two-story structure centered around a courtyard. Construction ended in 1972.

The museum suffered damage and looting during the Syrian Civil War.


Syrian Directorate General of Museums and Antiquities. Matḥaf al-Waṭanī bi-Ḥalab. [Accessed February 16, 2018].

Aleppo, Syria
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designed in 1956
constructed in 1967-1972
Variant Names
متحف حلب الوطني
متحف الوطني بحلب
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