Al-Athar Lina
Cairo, Egypt

Al-Athar Lina (or, The Monument is Ours) is an integrated participatory initiative based in al-Khalifa in Historic Cairo that uses heritage conservation as a vehicle for development. Its premise is that the community conserves heritage when it benefits from it. Shajar al Durr Mausoleum, from the mid-13th century, has been conserved through work on painted and wood stucco, plaster and masonry, and three popular shrines dating from the mid-12th century, Al Sayyida Ruqayya, Ja’fari and ‘Atika, have been saved from impending collapse, increasing tourism and developing local skills. An early 20th century building has been restored as the Khalifa Community Centre, and runs school and health programmes, and participatory workshops.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Cairo, Egypt
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Completed 2014
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urban design and development
urban design and development