Azercosmos, OISC Main Satellite Ground Control
Baku, Azerbaijan

Built within a 10-hectare winter pasture area called Babacan, the project includes four buildings: the main building, technical building, crossing point, and an enclosed car park. The architecture is inspired by the Deconstructivist style, as well as the Futurist architecture of the early 20th century; the structure is reinforced concrete and the materials used for the façade include travertine, coloured glass and non-corrosive metal and stainless steel in a ventilated facade system. The cut relief and juxtaposition of the forms protect from the strong northerly winds and there is a sheltered (from wind and sun) recreation zone designed for the workers who stay on site for shift work.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Baku, Azerbaijan
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Completed 2013
2,350 m²
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