Al Shaheed Park
Kuwait City, Kuwait

The Park reconverts much of the Green Belt, planned in the early 1960s to moderate the transition between the old city and new residential neighbourhoods, to create a picture of Kuwait’s landscape. The old Park’s dominant elements, the fountain and amphitheatre, were replaced by a 12,000 m3 lake. All the architecture is introverted and hidden below 35,000 m2 of green cover. Its museums, Memorial at one end, Habitat at the other, help Kuwaitis understand their homeland’s military and natural heritages. Only on rare occasions do the buildings open onto the public spaces, revealing façades in which shaded glass is always minimised. Soil from the lake and underground parking was used to create dunes, submerging buildings and offering environmental protection.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Soor Street, Kuwait City, Kuwait
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Completed 2015
56,750 m²
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