Siemens Middle East Headquarters
Masdar City, United Arab Emirates
The building merges parametric technology and traditional design ideas to create a new benchmark for sustainable office buildings in the region, for the same cost per square metre as a typical headquarters. An iterative process and computerised parametric software were used to create an efficient, compact form that minimises the embodied carbon and material needed. The shape, size and positioning of the solar-shading used on the facades was determined by a computer algorithm: helping find a very precise solution for allowing no direct sunlight to hit the windows, whilst maximising the amount of daylight reaching the interior. This passive strategy of a technological process allowed the design team to find the right low-tech solution.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Masdar City, United Arab Emirates
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Completed 2014
22,800 m²
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Siemens Middle East Headquarters
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