Pani Community Centre
Rajarhat, Bangladesh
The Centre operates as Learn-Work-Shop, where locals are educated, work, sell products and earn money. Children attend nursery school, craftsmen build bamboo bicycles and women embroider garments. It was constructed using materials and skills from within a 25 km radius from the site, educating locals in the basic principles of sustainability. A large bamboo roof is lifted high to reduce heat build-up and U-shaped brick columns support the south façade, creating a row of vertical windows. The roofed plaza provides public lavatories and a playground. To the south a two-storey structure holds four 30-seat classrooms. There is a 100 m2 workshop and store, and, above, an assembly floor connected by a footbridge to the upper two classrooms.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Rajarhat, Bangladesh
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Completed 2014
910 m²
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urban design and development