Habitat for Orphaned Girls
Khansar, Iran

On a site of 354 m2 and a built area of 800 m2 on four levels an institution has been built where orphaned girls can find shelter, surrounded by three of the city’s historical monuments that serve as metaphorical parents. After the steel structure was built, concrete floors were given a rotational polishing. Wall posts support the brick walls which remain as they are without undergoing any finishing process. It is a house rather than a dormitory, affording the children personal space, and features special balconies for socialising, according to the ritual calendar. The history of the site is providing these children a sense of importance and conversely, the children are bringing back energy and life to the old urban fabric.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Khansar, Iran
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Completed 2014
800 m²
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social welfare