Doctors Housing for Partner's in Health
Rwinkwayu, Rwanda

The first built phase of an urban plan derived from the input of the villagers of rural Rwinkwavu includes two Share Houses offering 9,950 m² of housing for hospital staff who formerly had to live elsewhere. Bedrooms have their own private exterior space with overhangs for rain and heat protection. A covered Eucalyptus-screened exterior walkway connects them to common spaces that create the feeling of home rather than dormitory. All construction materials were locally sourced and stone was quarried for foundations and walkways. A ventilated roof cavity is clad with clay tiles for thermal and acoustic performance. A neighbourhood women’s cooperative made all the handmade bricks for wall construction and a gendered, local and diverse workforce provided 90% of the labour.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Rwinkwayu, Rwanda
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Completed 2015
723 m²
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