Arcapita Bank Headquarters
Al Manama, Bahrain

Completed in 2010, this was the first project to be built at Bahrain Bay, a mixed-use development aimed at positioning Manama as a world-class business and travel destination. The building is sited with direct access from the bay, the causeway and Arcapita Park, which lies between the water and roadways. Connections to the water are reflected in the building’s sculptural base, which creates a rhythmic plinth for the rectilinear building above. Responding to the desert climate, the building is the first in Bahrain with an actively ventilated double curtain wall façade with an automated sun-shading system. It is also the first to use clear glass, made possible by the high performance façade design.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

4611 Road, Al Manama, Bahrain
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Completed 2010
60,311 m²
Variant Names
المقر الرئيسي لبنك آركابيتا
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