Masjid-i Pa-Guldasta
Isfahan, Iran
The Masjid-i Pa-Guldasta is a small neighborhood mosque (masjid) located in the Dardasht quarter of Isfahan. Its most notable feature, and the element from which it derives its name, is a historic minaret (Guldasta) that sits atop its roof, rising approximately three meters above the rest of the structure, to a total height of around nine meters. In his survey of Isfahan's minarets, M. B. Smith dated this structure to the "second Seljuk period,"1 i.e. the twelfth century, on stylistic grounds. The minaret features brickwork in the form of a repeating square kufic inscription. Surmounting the minaret is a wooden balcony with a conical roof.


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Isfahan, Iran
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ca. 12th/6th century AH
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مسجد پاگلدسته
Masjid-i Pa-Guldastah
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