Imamzadah Ibrahim (Kashan)
Kashan, Iran
Imamzadah Ibrahim, also known as Shahzadah Ibrahim, is a mausoleum commemorating a descendant of the seventh Shi'a Imam. It is located in Kashan, Iran, on the southwestern outskirts of the modern city toward Bagh-i Fin. Inscriptions on the building date its foundation to 1303 AH (1885-1886 CE) and name its patron as Khalah Bigum, a woman from the nearby village of Fin. Another inscription records the installation of mirror-work decorations (ainah-kari) to the iwan to 1308 AH (1890-1891 CE).

The mausoleum consists of a rectangular compound enclosed by a wall. At its entrance (on the north end), visitors first enter a large courtyard planted with trees. On the far side of the courtyard is a large iwan fronting the domed tomb chamber. The iwan has a triple-arched portico, with the central arch being taller and broader than the two flanking it. The interior is decorated profusely with mirror-work, carved, and glazed ornament. Two minarets dressed in tile rise above this iwan. 

The tomb chamber is vaulted with a conical dome. The exterior of this dome is covered in tiles. A door on the south side of the chamber leads onto a second, back courtyard.


Nārāqī, Ḥasan. Āsār-i tārikhī-i shahristānhā-yi Kāshān va Naṭanz, 145-146. [Tehran: Anjumān-i āsār-i millī, 1348/1969].

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Kashan, Iran
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1885-1886/1303 AH
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امامزاده اراهيم
Imamzadeh Ibrahim
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