Restoration of the Tellem Sacred Granaries
Yougo Dogorou, Mali

Located alongside the Bandiagara Cliffs in Dogon Country, the 600-year-old sacred granaries at the village of Yougo Dogorou, a centre of animist Dogon culture, have been on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1989. Perched next to the top of a mountain which stands separated from the cliffs, its biggest problem has been water supply. Firstly the existing dam was renewed and then a second dam constructed with a capacity of 1,200 m3. The granaries are now not in use anymore, but they have cultural and spiritual importance Their restoration involved 30 clay buildings on site; six granaries were rebuilt and the rest repaired and re-plastered. Young people were employed to stimulate their interest in earthen architecture.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Yougo Dogorou, Mali
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Completed 2014
120 m²
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Restoration of the Tellem Sacred Granaries
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area restoration
urban design and development