Madrasah-i Kasah'garan
Isfahan, Iran
This Safavid madrasa lies to the north-east of the old maydan of Isfahan. One enters the building through an iwan off of a covered bazaar that connects to the maydan. The building itself comprises a large courtyard with large iwans on the southwestern and northeastern sides. Flanking these iwans are arched recesses from which student cells open onto the courtyard. The entrance through the bazaars connects through a vestibule to the iwan on the SW side of the courtyard. On the NE side, the iwan is deeper, and served as a mosque. Decoration includes tile mosaic in geometric patterns, as well as inscriptions that date the building to 1692.


Gaube, Heinz and Eugin Wirth. Der Bazar von Isfahan. Wiesbaden: Dr. Ludwig Reichert, 1978. Cat. No. 360 (p. 242-243).
Isfahan, Iran
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1692 / 1104 A.H.
Variant Names
مدرسه کاسه گران
Madrasah-i Kasah'garan
Madraseh-e Kaseh'garan
Alternate transliteration
Madrasa-i Kasa'garan
Alternate transliteration
Kasahgaran Madrasa
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