Ferlo Village Development
Ferlo, Senegal
This village development project consists of dwellings and public buildings in five villages near the agricultural and pastoral region surrounding Labgar. The program was developed to ensure the participation, in both the planning and execution, of the communities and to avoid the imposition both of foreign thought and architectural forms. the social and economic adjustments accompanying transition form a nomadic to sedentary lifestyle were considered important to the architectural development.

The program includes the construction of:
-six dwelling houses;
-three dispensaries;
-four maternities;
-four classrooms;
-two community centers; and
-one socio-educational center.

The following criteria was developed by the program after thorough analysis: compact plans with inner courtyards, small openings on the wall surfaces, massive walls and roof, open-air sleeping accommodations, low maintenance, and a wide variety of differentiated spaces. The buildings were constructed using chain reinforced sand-concrete. All the labor came was provided by the inhabitants.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Ferlo, Senegal
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Ferlo Village Development