Reconstruction of Sarajevo City Hall
Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Opened in 1896, the City Hall is perhaps the most significant example of the "Moorish" style in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The building suffered enormous artillery, bomb and fire damage in 1992, both to its physical fabric and to the archives of the National Library that was housed within. After the war, preparation for the renovations included a lengthy research process, and subsequently a phased renovation and preservation program which started with the stabilization of the structure (restored in the original stone, brick and wood, with new steel supports), and ended, in the fourth phases with the delicate work of restoring interior and exterior surfaces and decorative elements including gypsum and painted decorations.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Ulica Višnjik, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
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Completed 2014
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7,716 m²
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urban design and development