Geneina: Meet & Play Area
6th of October City, Egypt
A corner plot of 1,200 m2 was chosen to create a public space where women and children of the refugee and local communities of Masaken Othman can meet and interact in a positive and mutually-accepting atmosphere. Heavy construction work was executed by a professional team to allow for the detailed elements of the park to be implemented via open-source participatory workshops guided by specialists. Geneina has become not only a daily play area for children of the neighbourhood, but also a cultural venue for performances by the children and a social gathering node for women. The focus is on social play in order to achieve maximum interaction among children of diverse cultural backgrounds.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
6th of October City, Egypt
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Completed 2014
1,200 m²
Variant Names
Geneina: Meet & Play Area
Building Usages
community development
urban design and development
Aga Khan Award for Architecture Nominee