Constitution Garden
Kuwait City, Kuwait

The garden is built to host "The Constitution”, a sculpture made up of two large portals, celebrating Kuwait’s path to democracy. The design concept divided the garden into two areas, "Old Age” and "New Age". The monument marks the transition from the old era that represents the pre-Constitution period, a messy, arid landscape, and the new era, to the period after the establishment of Kuwait with an organised, prosperous landscape. The garden is designed, according to Islamic tradition, as a reflection of paradise, a place where time is "in-between". Around the mirror fountain at the centre, from which jets of vaporised water feed the greenery, three long benches face the water The ground is covered in large slabs of honed travertine and underground is a museum.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Kuwait City, Kuwait
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Completed 2012
8,000 m²
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