Ghori Infectious Diseases Clinic
Karachi, Pakistan

The Ghori Clinic is designed specifically for the treatment of Airborne Infectious Diseases and sees 250 to 300 patients per clinic day. The facility houses five waiting areas specifically designed for a controlled patient flow, clinics, offices and other health and hygiene facilities. The clinics have a swooping roof inspired by wind catchers that optimises air flow. Concrete was chosen as building material due to its durability, cleanability, convenience and simplicity of construction. The waiting-area canopies, hung from metal poles on a ten-foot grid, are durable, economical and adjustable, and allow filtered light through to create a place referencing happier times for patients. Not a complex structure, the Clinic is simply a veranda and a shaded garden.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Karachi, Pakistan
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Completed 2010
670 m²
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health care
health care