Ford Otosan R&D Centre
Istanbul, Turkey
The Centre, catering for 1,500 people, covers offices, labs, cafe, restaurant, auditorium, exhibition halls and a design centre. The perforated aluminium-clad elevations that wrap the complex transform to become horizontal shades on the internal façades overlooking the courtyard, thus creating a sharp and surprising contrast responsive to solar orientation. The corrugated section and slanted surfaces of the metal façade provide self-shading for the skin which, in turn, gathers and dissipates this excess heat over time. Large atriums provide natural daylight for all office floors down to the first basement. A peaceful environment is achieved by the Centre’s composition around a central internal garden enriched further by sunken courtyards and terraces, acting as an oasis by a busy motorway.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Istanbul, Turkey
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Completed 2014
34,800 m²
Variant Names
Ford Otosan R&D Centre
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