Al-Shamali Village & Al-Janoubi Village
Doha, Qatar

Housing 1,200 students from more than 60 countries, these two living learning villages were designed to create an environment of unity and connection. The villages draw inspiration from traditional Islamic town organisation, and are planned from the inside out, placing primary importance on the home. Student apartments and residence hall neighbourhoods surround traditional courtyards with greywater recycling landscape features. An organic exterior walkway connects each of the buildings and concludes at the heart of the village, the well-equipped residential community centres. The Qiblah wall bisects these residential community centres, orienting residents toward Mecca. The integration of the arabesque resonates throughout the project through interwoven paving elements and its geometry carves the landscape and buildings.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Doha, Qatar
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Completed 2013
71,876 m²
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