Enfidha International Airport
Enfidha, Tunisia

With the airports of Tunis and Monastir reaching saturation point, this new Airport, serving tourist traffic, develops along an east-west axis and is accessible via the Tunis-Sousse-Hammamet highway. The terminal construction is of mixed reinforced concrete for floors, beams and columns and metal structural roofing. On arrival, passengers are greeted with a view to the distant sea and hanging gardens in Andalusian style present the best of local flora. The roof vaults, suspended on palm-tree-like columns, resemble a series of thin ribbons, allowing natural light to penetrate. The interior floor coverings and walls are inspired by Arabic Islamic motifs, also reflected in the choice of materials.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Enfidha, Tunisia
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Completed 2011
74,500 m²
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