Masjid-i Jarchi-Bashi
Isfahan, Iran
The Masjid-i Jarchi is located in the heart of the Bazaar of Isfahan, along the vaulted arterial street that runs from the northwest corner of the Maydan-i Imam to the southeast corner of the Great Mosque. Its entrance is an elaborate muqarnas vaulted iwan that opens onto the street on its west side slightly below street level, along the stretch north of the Sadr Madrasa and south of the New Mosque (Masjid-i Naw). The face of this entrance iwan is decorated with vegetal patterns in tile mosaic. Benches line its walls and a stone water basin was placed in the center during the Qajar period. The side walls are articulated with arched niches, the tops of which have tile mosaic lunettes. A large stone inscription band runs above these and just below the muqarnas vault, naming the patron (Jarchi-Bashi) and the date of construction.


Gaube, Heinz and Eugin Wirth. Der Bazaar von Isfahan. Wiesbaden: Dr. Ludwig Reichert, 1978. Cat. No. 201.
Isfahan, Iran
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1610/1018-1019 AH
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Variant Names
مسجد جارچی باشی
Masjid-i Jarchi-Bashi
Masjid-i Jarchi
Masjid-e Jarchi
Alternate transliteration
Masjed-e Jarchi
Alternate transliteration
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