Jami' al-Mughrabi
Latakkia, Syria
The Mughrabi Mosque is located on the outskirts of the old city of Latakia, north of the Triumphal Arch and in the neighborhood of the town's main rail station. Adjoining the mosque is a large cemetery. The mosque is named after the Shaykh Muhammad Nasr al-Din Mughrabi (or Maghrabi) who came to Latakia from Morocco in the 19th century and died in 1827. The mosque was constructed in 1835.


Talhamy, Yvette. "The Fatwas and the Nusayri/Alawis of Syria." Middle Eastern Studies 46:2 (2010).

Latakkia, Syria
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Variant Names
Jami' al-Mughrabi
Jami' al-Imam al-Mughrabi
Jami' al-Imam al-Moghrabi
Moghbrabi Mosque
Mughrabi Mosque