Qirq Biza
Qirq Biza, Syria
Qirq Biza (or Qirq Bizeh or Kirk Bizeh) is a small abandoned settlement dating from the Byzantine period in the northwest of Syria. It is counted among the "Dead Cities" or settlements scattered across Syria's limestone massif that flourished between the second and tenth centuries AD and were abandoned for unknown reasons. Qirq Biza is situated on the Jabal A'la overlooking a fertile plain to the west, around 14 kilometers north of the Basilica at Qalb Lawza

Its remains consist of several villas arrayed on the rise of the hill, at the top of which are a villa dated to the second or third century and a church attached to it in what may have originally been another villa. Its modifications may be dated to the fourth century, making it one of the earliest churches in Syria. 


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Qirq Biza, Syria
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ca. 4th century AD
Variant Names
Qirq Biza
Qirq Bizah
Qirq Bizeh
Kirk Biza
Kirk Bizah
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