Palais du Peuple
Algiers, Algeria
The summer residence of Dey Mustapha Khodjet El-Kheil (1748-1754/1161-1167 AH) and Dey Hussein Pacha (1818-1830/1233-1255), it was occupied by the French Army in 1830.  It then served as the residence of the governeur général. 

The palace was renovated and expanded in 1846, but the most significant renovation came in 1916 when Gabriel Darbéda and Charles Montaland.  It was renamed Palais du Peuple (The People's Palace) after independence, and now serves as a locale for governmental and cultural functions.

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Michael A. Toler, April 2017
Place Addis-Abeba avenue Franklin-Roosevelt Parc de la Liberté , Algiers, Algeria
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late 19th c./early 13th c. AH
1987 restoration
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People's Palace
قصر الشعب
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