Telegraph Pole House
Langkawi, Malaysia
This retirement home, built on a small hillock, has sought to embody the spirit of Malay House design in this tropical climate, using traditional woodworking crafts in its construction. The fundamental principles of being raised on stilts, cross-ventilated and shaded by large verandas with sweeping roof overhangs were faithfully applied. Yet hardwoods are increasingly difficult to procure, so upcycled decommissioned timber utility poles were used as the main structural material by the local craftsmen employed. Steel base-pins used as footing stones integrate four poles into one column, also acting as termite shields. In order to achieve the large spans from the as-found timber poles, three tiers of utility poles were connected with scarf joints and ‘laminated’ into beams.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Langkawi, Malaysia
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Completed 2009
676 m²
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