Renovation of Solomon's Pool Historical Site
Bethlehem, Palestine
After the engagement of all the stakeholders and aligning their visions, an approach to the preservation of cultural heritage that encourages people to visit was undertaken at this historic site in Bethlehem instead of the original plan for an amusement park. The current state of the Ottoman Murad castle and the three historic pools was documented and local, traditional materials and techniques were used in their restoration and repair. A glass skin enfolds the five remaining rooms of the castle, covered by a copper/wooden roof. All additional work is light, transparent, can be easily differentiated and dismantled at any point. The cultural centre and the crafts centre were built away from the ruins, on land not covered with vegetation.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Bethlehem, Palestine
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Completed 2012
11,270 m²
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urban design and development