Jami' al-Sharaf
Halab, Syria

The Sharaf Mosque is located on the square known as Sahat al-Hatab in the center of the Jdeideh (Jadida) neighborhood north of the historic city walls of Aleppo. Its exact date of construction is not known, but a gravestone dated to 1393/795-796 AH in the garden of the mosque provides a terminus ante quem in the late fourteenth century.1 The mosque was restored during the reign of Mamluk sultan Qansuh al-Ghuri (r. 1500-1516/906-922 AH, as indicated by an inscription naming him, no longer in situ, and a blazon belonging to the governor Ha’irbak min Malbay (r. after 1504/910 AH).2 

The mosque has an octagonal minaret that rises from a platform adjacent to the arched entryway. A fountain (qastal) dated by an inscription to 1491/897 AH abuts the front of the mosque on the side facing the square.


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Sahat al-Hatab, Halab, Syria
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1500-1516/906-922 AH (restored)
before 1396/795-796 AH (construction)
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Sharaf Mosque
جامع الشرف
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