Military Hospital Mosque
Marrakech, Morocco
The project is situated in the military quarter of Marrakech to the west of the city. Located on the hospital grounds, the mosque was envisaged to be used by both patients and medical staff. The building was designed to include a garden in order to create a separation between the mosque and the hospital public grounds. The overall structure, rectangular in plan consists of a central planted courtyard with a fountain for ablutions, a second court with access to the ablution rooms, and the prayer hall, which is based on a square plan with four columns. The prayer hall is surmounted by a central cupola which appears externally as a pyramidal roof. A generous, arcaded porch overlooks a pool on the north side of the prayer hall. Decoration is kept to a minimum, both internally and externally. The mosque is constructed of granite foundations and bearing walls. The inner court perimeter walls are of pisé stabilized with lime, interior arcades are made from baked bricks. And the ceilings are built using a traditional Tatoui technique (eucaplyptus and laurel branches).

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Marrakech, Morocco
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6,000 m²
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health care