Masjid Wazir Khan
Lahore, Pakistan
The mosque was founded by Hakim Ilmud Din Ansari, a distinguished physician from Chiniot who received the Ministerial title of 'Wazir Khan' under the reign of Shah Jahan, and was later promoted to the position of Viceroy of Punjab. He was active in commissioning buildings in Lahore. The mosque stands near the Delhi gate of Lahore, and is accessed through a gate leading into a forecourt which functions as a bazaar. A flight of stairs leads onto the raised platform on which the mosque is built. The mosque stands on the grave of the saint Miran Badshah, whose tomb is located in the elongated main courtyard, which also contains an ablution tank. The mosque is surrounded by shops, a serai, houses, and a large hammam, whose income helped support it. The main mosque is built in the brick and tile construction typical of the area, and is remarked for its fine, colourful ornament in paint and kashi work, or glazed tile mosaic. The designs include calligraphy and floral motifs. The mosque is divided into five compartments, each opening into a large courtyard and covered by a dome. The central of these, the main prayer hall, is larger than the rest, and is marked by a high pishtaq, or framed portal, protruding from the facade. Octagonal minarets mark the four corners of the interior courtyard.


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Shahi Guzargah, Lahore, Pakistan
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1634-1635/1043-1044 AH
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Masjid Vazir K̲h̲ān
Masjid-i Wazir Khan
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