Mausoleum of Moulay Ismail
Meknes, Morocco
"Royal funeral compound, south of the Dar al Kebira, in a site chosen by Sultan Mulay Ismail, because it was the tomb of a local saint, Sidi Abdal Rahman al Majddhub,. Constructed by Moulay Ismail (1645-1727), altered by his son, sultan Mulay Ahmed al-Dhahbi (1677-1729).  Like the earlier Sa'adian tombs, Marrakesh, the design is Andalusian/Maghrebi."

-Barbara J. Anello-Adnani
Meknes, Morocco
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1703/1115 AH
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Mausolée de Moulay Ismaïl
ضريح المولى إسماعيل