Mil-i Akhangan
Akhangan, Iran
The tomb tower is located about twenty kilometers north of Mashhad, near Tus and Rizvan. There are no inscriptions on the building that date it, but stylistic comparisons and the history of the region suggest that it is a Timurid structure.1

The tower is cylindrical with a conical roof. The exterior is decorated extensively. The shaft of the tower is divided into sections by engaged columns and is constructed of bricks arranged in mortar to form a repetitive diamond pattern. At the top of the tower's shaft is an ornate cornice decorated with brickwork and colorful tiles. The conical roof, repaired in modernity, is covered with blue glazed bricks and ribbed to form an umbrella shape. 

The interior of the tower is octagonal. 


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Akhangan, Iran
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first half 15th c./9th c. AH
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Mil-i Akhangan
Mil-i Ahanjan
Tomb Tower of Akhangan
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