Ahi Emir Ahmed Kümbeti
Sivas, Türkiye
The octagonal kümbet known as Ahi Emir Ahmed Kümbeti is situated near the old city center of Sivas, in what is today a median on Arapşeyh Caddesi diagonally opposite from Kurşunlu Hamam. Construction of the tomb is thought to have taken place circa 1332-1333/733 AH, as part of a larger patronage program that included a mosque, soup kitchen and dervish lodge, none of which remain standing.

The tomb rises from a square base that transitions to an octagon half way up. The roof is conical and divided into eight surfaces matching the eight sides of the building. An arched doorway and window with muqarnas hood pierce the west and north sides of the tomb, respectively. 

An inscription frieze runs the length of the building at the level of the cornice. 


Sinclair, T. A. Eastern Turkey: An Architectural and Archaeological Survey, 2:308. 4 vols. London: The Pindar Press, 1989.

Sivas, Türkiye
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Ahi Emir Ahmed Tomb
Tomb of Ahi Emir Ahmed
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