Ongözlü Köprü
Diyarbakır, Turkey
Ongözlü Köprü is an ancient bridge the crosses the Tigris south of the old walled city of Diyarbakır. It was completely reconstructed in the eleventh century/fifth century AH under the Marwanid rulers of Diyarbakır, having been destroyed during a Byzantine siege a century before. The bridge has ten arches or "eyes," hence its name Ongözlü, meaning "ten-eyed." The western five arches bear an inscription dating them to the 1060s/450s AH. These are slimmer than the remaining arches, suggesting that the eastern half was eventually rebuilt. Further restorations occurred during the last quarter of the nineteenth/first quarter of the fourteenth century AH. 


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Diyarbakır, Turkey
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reconstructed ca. 1060-1065 CE
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On Gözlü Köprü
Ten-Eyed Bridge
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