Madrasa al-Shadhbakhtiyya (Aleppo)
Aleppo, Syria
Al-Shadhbakhtiyya madrasa is one of the earliest preserved Ayyubid madrasas. It was built by Jamal al-Din Shadbakht, a freed slave of Nur al-Din Mahmud b. Zangi in 1193. The madrasa is situated about 200m west of the citadel. Its plan is organized around a central rectangular courtyard that is wrapped by a tripartite prayer hall on the south side, a large iwan on the north side and multiple cells on the east side. The west wing has disappeared due to a 19th century extension of a vaulted bazaar that wraps around the building itself from three sides. Other than this developed asymmetry, the madrasa's plan is a traditional one that is repeated in both Madrasa al-Kamiliyya and Madrasa al-Firdaws. The shrine of Shaykh Ma'ruf, after whom the building was renamed, is located in the second tripartite prayer hall on the northeastern corner of the madrasa.


Tabbaa, Yasser. Constructions of Power and Piety in Medieval Aleppo, 134. University Park, PA: The Pennsylvania State University Press, 1997.
Aleppo, Syria
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1193/558 AH
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Madrasah al-Shadhbakhtiyyah
Madrasah al-Shadhbakhtiyah
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