Tin Darwaza
Ahmedabad, India
Tin Darwaza is a gate in the old city of Ahmedabad. The gate was constructed by Ahmad Shah, Sultan of Gujarat. It was originally conceived as part of a larger processional way, leading onto the eastern end of a large public square known as Maydan-i Shah, no longer extant, which in turn lead to the main gate of the Bhadra Fort or citadel. To the west, a large avenue lead from the gate past the north side of the city's congregational mosque and on toward the market square.

The gate's name comes from its three-arched form (tin is three in Urdu). Two smaller pointed arches flank a larger central arch, and are separated from one another by large, ornate buttresses. Roadways three bays long and one bay deep lead through the arches to the other side of the gate. Surmounting the structure is a parapet which overlooks the square on the west and processional way on the east through balcony windows. This parapet was roofed but the covering structure removed in the nineteenth century.


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Ahmedabad, India
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1411-1442/813-845 AH
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Variant Names
تين دروازه
Tin Darwaza
Tin Darvaza
Alternate transliteration
Teen Darwaza
Alternate transliteration
Teen Darvaza
Alternate transliteration
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