'Imad al-Mulk Malik 'Isan Roza
Ahmedabad, India
Imad al-Mulk Malik Isan Roza is a mosque-tomb in Isanpur, a suburb of Ahmedabad several miles southeast of the old city center. The complex was commissioned by Imad al-Mulk Malik Isan, a local nobleman, during the later years of Mahmud Shah Begra's reign (1458-1511/862-917 AH) or during the reign of his successor Muzaffar Shah II (1511-1526/917-932 AH).

The complex consists of a rectangular enclosure with a central courtyard bounded on the south, east, and north by a covered colonnade. The west side of the enclosure is occupied by a covered prayer hall. In the center of the courtyard is a pavilion tomb. The tomb comprises a central domed space surrounded by a square ambulatory. The central dome rests on twelve columns arranged in a square. The ambulatory is formed by the space between this inner colonnade and an outer colonnade of twenty columns, also arranged in a square. Small domes cover the ambulatory's corner bays.

The prayer hall consists of a hypostyle area 7 bays wide and four deep. On the prayer hall's facade (east side), a triple archway rises above the level of the side wings to give access to the hall's central three bays, which give onto a large domed space before the mihrab. The prayer hall is flanked on either side by domed square chambers that communicate between prayer hall and the colonnades on the north and south sides of the courtyard.


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Ahmedabad, India
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Associated Names
first half 16th c./first half 10th c. AH
Variant Names
'Imadul-Mulk Malik 'Isan Roza
Alternate transliteration
'Imad al-Mulk Malik 'Isan Dargah
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