Jethabhai ni Vav
Ahmedabad, India
Jethabhai ni Vav or the Stepwell of Jethabhai Mujli is a well located in the Isanpur suburb of Ahmedabad. This well was constructed in the early nineteenth century by Jethabhai Jivanlal Mujli with materials reused from a neglected buildings in and around Ahmedabad, including at least one Muslim tomb. 

The well follows a common plan with one entrance and a straight stepped corridor leading down to the water level of the well. Visitors enter through a domed pavilion on its west end, from which they descend the staircase to the subterranean pool. Along the way down, four subterranean pavilions (kuta) serve as landings along the stair. Jethabhai's well is over 200 feet deep and approximately 20 feet wide.


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Ahmedabad, India
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જેઠાભાઇની વાવ
Jethabha'ini Vav
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