Sa'a Bab al-Faraj
Aleppo, Syria
The Clock Tower of Bab al-Faraj is a monument that sits at the southern end of the large public square known as Bab al-Faraj in Aleppo. On the site of the clock tower was originally a pious foundation with a public fountain (qastal) known as Qastal al-Sultan, constructed during the Ottoman Period. The square is named after a medieval gate to the old city of Aleppo that stood on the site. The gate was demolished in the late nineteenth/fourteenth century AH when a broad avenue and the square were built, and the clock tower was later completed in 1317 AH (1899-1900 CE).


Qal'ajī, ’Abd al-Fattah Rawwas. Ḥalab al-qadīma wa'l-ḥadītha, 95. Beirut: Mu'assasat al-Risāla, 1409 [1989].

Aleppo, Syria
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1899-1900/1316-1317 AH
Variant Names
ساعة باب الفرج
Sa'at Bab al-Faraj
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public monuments