Hammam al-Maliha
Sarmin, Syria
The Hammam al-Maliha is a historic bath house located on the north side of Sarmin, a small, ancient town located some nine kilometers east-south-east of Idlib. The age of the bath is not certain, but local knowledge suggests that it dates to the Ottoman period since it is aligned with a road that dates to that time.

The bath house as a large outer room for relaxation and dressing, and then two inner rooms, built partly underground, that function as a bath. Each is covered by a dome.

In photographs taken in the 1980s, a sign on the door announced that the building was headquarters for the "International Sports Association Idlib" (الاتحاد الرياضي العالمي الفرعي في ادلب). The building has been renovated since this time.


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Sarmin, Syria
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حمام المالحة
الاتحاد الرياضي العالمي الفرعي في ادلب
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