Jami' al-Kabir (Sarmin)
Sarmin, Syria
The Great Mosque of Sarmin is located at the center of the small town, which lies approximately nine kilometers east-south-east of Idlib in Idlib Governorate. The town of Sarmin is ancient, attested in pre-Islamic sources and mentioned by the geographers of the Islamic period. The mosque itself is of significant antiquity, as it appears in a description of the town by the medieval historian and geographer Izz al-Din Ibn al-Shaddad (d. 1285/657 AH), who mentions one of its most distinct architectural features: the nine domes over its prayer hall. Inscriptions in the mosque record a renovation in 1261-2/660 AH and a restoration (?) in 1305-6/705 AH.1

The mosque's plan is typical of Syria and Palestine. It is centered on a large, rectangular courtyard bordered by arcades and a prayer hall on the qibla (southern) side. The prayer hall is shallow. The qibla aisle is divided into nine bays, each one covered by a small dome.


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Sarmin, Syria
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(جامع الكبير (سرمين
Great Mosque of Sarmin
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