Darya Khan Ghumat
Ahmedabad, India
Darya Khan Ghumat is a domed tomb (Ghumat or Gumbad) located just north of the the old city center of Ahmedabad. It has been dated by historians to 1453 CE.

The tomb is a domed square. Its plan consists of a central domed chamber surrounded by an ambulatory that opens onto its four sides through five arched openings on each side. The bays of the ambulatory (16 total all around) are covered by small domes and are demarcated one from the next by arched doorways between them. The central chamber is enclosed by a thick wall with four arched entryways on each side, leading onto the ambulatory. This central chamber is raised well above the height of the surrounding ambulatory on an attenuated drum.


Burgess, James. The Muhammadan Architecture of Ahmadabad. Part I - A.D. 1412 to 1520, 58-59. Archaeological Survey of Western India, vol. 7. London: William Griggs & Sons, 1900.

Ahmedabad, India
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Darya Khan Gummat
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Darya Khan Gumbad
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