Bawa Ali Shah Masjid
Ahmedabad, India
The mosque known as Bawa Ali Shah Masjid is located in the neighborhood of Paldi on the west side of the Sabarmati River from historic Ahmedabad. It is also known as the Paldi Mosque or the Rani Mosque.

The mosque sits on a platform and is a small, rectangular structure open on the east side and closed on the other three sides. Two short but finely and delicately carved minarets frame the open eastern facade. The interior is an open hall. Three domes cover bays over the center of the hall. Two ornate balcony windows open on the qibla wall, and larger and more ornate balcony windows open on both side walls.


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Ahmedabad, India
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Associated Names
first half 16th/10th century AH
37 x 9 ft (interior area)
Variant Names
Bawa Ali Shah Mosque
Paldi Masjid
Building Usages