Railway Station Minarets
Ahmedabad, India
Two tall and ornately decorated brick minarets rise next to the railway station in Ahmedabad, on the east side of the tracks on the outskirts of the Kalupur district. The mosque to which the minarets were originally attached is no longer standing, so the date and patron of these monumental towers remains unknown. Burgess suggested that they date to the early sixteenth/tenth century AH. 

Note that as of March 14, 2018, this monument was misidentified on Google Maps as Jhulta Minara (Shaking Minarets), a part of Sidi Bashir Masjid.


Burgess, James. The Muhammadan Architecture of Ahmadabad. Part II, 24-25. Archaeological Survey of Western India, Vol. 8. London: William Griggs & Sons, 1905.
, Ahmedabad, India
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Associated Names
ca. first half 16th c./10th c. AH
Variant Names
Railway Station Minarets
Minarets at Railway Station
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