Kankaria Talav
Ahmedabad, India
Kankaria Talav is a large tank built as a reservoir for the city of Ahmedabad. It is located southeast of the historic walled city and was completed in 1451/854-855 AH. 

The tank appears to be circular from afar but is in fact a 34-side polygon. Steps along the edges give access to the water. A small island with a pavilion known as Nagina Wadi occupies the middle of the lake. A causeway connects this island to the lake's south side.


Michell, George, and Snehal Shah, eds. Ahmadabad, 129. Mumbai: Marg Publications, 1988.

Ahmedabad, India
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Associated Names
1451/854-855 AH
Variant Names
કાંકરિયા તળાવ
Kankariya Talav
Alternate transliteration