Rudabai ni Vav
Adalaj, India
The Stepwell of Rudabai is a large well located in the village of Adalaj, about eleven miles north of Ahmedabad. It is named after its patron, the wife of a local Hindu notable. An inscription in the well dates the building to 1555 Samvat (1499 CE). 

The well is constructed in a straight line, with the entrance on the south end followed by the descent to the well shaft, which is at the north end of the structure. Three staircases on the south end of the structure give access to the well. These run from the south, east, and west, and meet on the platform of the first subterranean story. This platform is surmounted by a pavilion with an octagonal opening to the sky. From this platform, a large stair descends to the north through two more subterranean platforms before reaching the fourth, which is larger and surrounds an octagonal shaft with a square pool at the bottom. A passage on the north side of this octagonal shaft leads to the edge of the deepest part of the well, at the northernmost end of the corridor.


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Adalaj, India
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1499/1555 Samvat
75.3 m (length of well)
Variant Names
રૂડાબાઈની વાવ
Rudaba'i ni Vav
Rudabai ni Vav
Alternate transliteration
Rudabai Stepwell
Rudabai's Stepwell