Landon Park
Biskra, Algeria
Count Albert Landon of Langeville, b.1844., moved to Biskra, Algeria in 1872 for drier climate, acquiring a 10 hectare estate on the banks of Wadi Sidi Zarzour, in the Châtenier district.  The property was later opened as a resort.  

Considerable resources were invested to design the garden with paths, footbridges, and irrigation canals, Plants were imported bushes, trees, and flowering plants from around the world. A pavilion was constructed in 1880.  

After independence the park was placed under the supervision of the municipality. Development of the surrounding area eventually shrank the garden to 4 hectares.  The park was renovated and by 2013 has reopened to the public. 
Biskra, Algeria
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Associated Names
1844/1260 AH
4 h.
Variant Names
Garden of Allah
Formerly known as
Jardin Landon
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